bullets_n_bones (bullets_n_bones) wrote in alt_expressions,

New upcoming creative writing/role play group

Hi all,
I'm coming to you as one half of a two person writing team that me and my friend have created only recently. Our writing environment involves the wild west as a primary backdrop but it is not only limited to that. We are looking for writers to come join in the fun and create their very own storylines and expand their own universes :D myself and my friend have known each other close on 3 years so if you ever needed to talk to either of us, we would be happy to help. We have a tight close on our primary storyline, often posting for hours at a time. We are also looking to introduce whole new backdrops to the story as it progresses. All our info is on my account, awww come on you know you wanna click :D we wont bite...hard hehe

See you all
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